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Super Aramith SATS Pro TV Pool Ball Set

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As Seen On TV.

The Super Aramith Pro TV pool ball set is used in major tournaments around the world.  The spotted cue ball really lets spectators see the spin on the ball.

Get used to this set before you go on TV.  Get the Super Aramith Pro TV pool ball set today.

Size: 2-1/4 inch diameter
Tolerance: 0.002 inches
Material: This set is made from a phenolic resin with a high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance.
Color and Style: The striped balls have a black number in the striped area with a white background.  The solids have a white background with a black number.  The 4 ball and 12 ball are pink, and the 7 ball and 15 ball are brown for better visibility under TV lights.
Cue Ball: The Aramith large red spotted cue ball.
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