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Magic Ball Rack MBRP

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You can carry this in your bag and always be ready to run a perfectly set rack of balls.

The Magic Ball RackTM is a revolutionary ball rack which is guaranteed to give you a perfect, frozen, straight rack EVERY time.  It eliminates any opportunity for your opponent to cheat by giving you a "bad rack".

No matter what state the cloth on your table is in or even with worn balls, you can get a perfect 8, 9, or 10 ball rack, every time.

The durable special plastic is very strong and tear resistant enough for commercial use.  It will last about a year with constant use.  It is so thin (0.14 mm) that it does not disrupt the path of the balls.  It blends into any cloth color and can be left on the table during play.

The Magic Ball RackTM eliminates the need for conventional ball racks which can cause cloth damage.

Buy a Magic Ball RackTM today.  

Material: 0.14 mm polymer film
Use: Portable ball racking system.
Color: Black.
Quantity: One 8 ball rack and one 9/10 ball rack.
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