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Kamui Gator Grip Tip Shaper - KGG

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Players use this tool because it works.

The Kamui Gator Grip cue tip tool is specially designed by Kamui for Kamui tips.  It is a must have accessory if you want to keep your Kamui tip looking like new and have it last a long time.

This tip tool scruffs and shapes your tip by gently agitating the surface of your Kamui tip.  This increases its chalk absorption while correcting its shape and eliminating the damage that may be caused by more aggressive methods.  You play better with fewer miscues and more control.

It's constructed from stainless steel and mounted in an attractive Box Wood outer box.

Buy a Kamui Gator Grip cue tip tool today.

Material: Stainless steel.
Uses: Shaper and a scruffer.
Color: Natural Box Wood.
Dennett Netterville
5 of 5 Stars
The Kamui Gator Grip is an excellent tool for texturizing a cue tip so it holds chalk well. Not just for Kamui tips, it works well on any tip that is prone to glazing. Uses micro-machining technology to make the texturizing tool surface, it needs to be actually touched with the finger to appreciate its amazing texture. The tool is not aggressive and will not remove material from the tip... It is not intended to actually shape the tip... It simply gives your tip the best chalk-holding texture you’ve ever seen.