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Extreme Pool Cue Tip Tool - ETT

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The Extreme pool cue tip tool has everything you need to play your best game.

This solid aluminum 5-in-1 tool includes a tapper to create pockets and scruff the tips surface, a dime shaper which shapes and scruffs your tip to a perfect dime radius, a nickel shaper which scruffs and shapes your cue tip to a perfect nickel radius, a trimmer to remove mushrooming by trimming your tip nearly flush with the ferrule, and a burnisher to harden and polish the sides of your tip.

The Extreme pool cue tip tool is available in many colors.  The color shipped will depend on stock on hand.

Material: Aluminum.
Uses: The Extreme pool cue tip tool features a tapper, dime and nickel shaper, trimmer, and burnisher.
Colors: Black, blue, gold, green, or hot pink depending on stock on hand.
Jonathan Beals
5 of 5 Stars
Convenient little tool that has all the necessary parts to shape your tip perfectly and perforate it to hold chalk. My new cue came with a stock smooth nickel radius. I had it shaped to a dime, roughened, perforated, and chalked to perfection in seconds.