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LZD2 Lucasi Custom Pool Cue

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The LZD2 pool cue has a natural birds-eye maple forearm and butt sleeve.  The butt sleeve has four diamond inlays made of imitation bone.The standard shaft is the Lucasi Custom Zero FlexpointTM.

The wrap is genuine double-pressed Irish linen in a complementary black and white mix.

The cue has triple silver ring sets, an ivory colored butt cap, a stainless steel joint collar, and a Uni-Loc quick release joint.

You get a free Lucasi Custom soft velvet 1 x 1 case with the purchase of the LZD2 cue.

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Tip:  12.75 mm Tiger Everest tip.  This tip consists of 10 layers of premium pigskin for a consistent hit and great feel.

Shaft:  Lucasi Custom Zero Flexpoint low deflection solid core cue shaft.

Joint Pin:  The Uni-Loc joint locks the cue together with only 1 turn for a solid, smooth hit and feel.

Joint Collar:  The joint collar is polished stainless steel for a great look and a solid hit.

Butt Construction:  This cue features a 4 piece construction.  This offers increased stability and durability.

Forearm:  The LZD2 has a natural stained Birds Eye Maple forearm.

Butt sleeve:  This is also natural stained Birds Eye Maple with 4 imitation bone diamond inlays.

Wrap:  There is a genuine black Irish linen wrap for a great look and consistent feel.

Trim Rings:  There are black and triple silver trim ring sets.

Butt Cap:  The butt cap is Ivory colored Implex impact resistant plastic.

Warranty:  Lucasi Cues offers a limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects including warping.


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