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Lucasi Hybrid Slim 3/8-10 Joint Black Collar Pool Cue Shaft

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The Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flexpoint SlimTM pool cue shaft will give you a performance edge.  Total Sweet Spot Construction techniques give it dead on accuracy with dramatically reduced pool cue shaft deflection.

The HX8-10 shaft has a 3/8-10 joint with a black Implex joint collar.

Shaft: Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flexpoint SlimTM
Joint: This shaft has a 3/8-10 joint.  This joint mates the shaft and your cue butt with total precision.
Tip: Kamui Brown layered tip, soft. This imported Japanese tip is made from premium pigskin for superior ball control and accuracy.
Tip Size: 11.75 mm.
Ferrule: The shortened core and 1/2" Zero FlexpointTM ferrule reduces the front end weight giving you even lower deflection and dead-on accuracy.
Shaft Construction: This pool cue shaft features Lucasi Hybrid's Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC)TM which is an 8 piece radial construction that gives you the ultimate in performance and control.
Shaft Taper: The HX8-10 has a Slimline taper for greater accuracy and control.
Shaft Length: 29"
Joint Collar: The joint collar is black Implex for a firm hit and a solid feel.
Trim Rings:  No trim ring.
Warranty: Lucasi Cues offer a Limited Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects, including warpage.
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