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CT711 Cuetec Pool Cue

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The Cuetec CT711 pool cue is a Gen-Tek series cue.  It has a gray swirl design on the forearm and butt sleeve.  The standard shaft is the Cuetec SST power bonded shaft with the Tru-Glide finish.

The wrap is black cushioned PU rubber.  This cue has silver trim rings, a polished stainless butt cap and joint collar, and a unique Cuetec 3/8 - 14 joint.

Raise your game to the heavens.  Get the Cuetec CT711 pool cue today.

Shaft: Cuetec's SST Super Slim Taper Shaft
Tip: Tiger Everest layered tip, medium. This tip is made from 10 laminated layers of the finest quality pigskin for great feel and ball control.
Tip Size: 13 mm.
Ferrule: The high quality ferrule is made from poycarbonate material to provide maximum energy transfer. This adds strength while reducing vibration and ball deflection.
Shaft Construction: The SST shaft is constructed with a strong, power bonded fiberglass shell around a Maple core.  This shaft controls warpage while still providing you with great response and control.
Shaft Taper: The SST shaft has a long 15 1/2" pro taper for greater comfort and control.
Joint Collar: The joint collar on the CT711 is polished stainless steel for a firm hit, a solid feel, and good looks.
Joint: This cue has a 3/8 - 14 joint with a unique stainless steel pin and and nylon fiber insert.  This joint helps to seal the cue from moisture while securely locking the cue together for maximum power transfer.
Butt Construction: This cue is made from high quality materials using traditional cue construction technology. The solid wood core is encased in composite fiberglass to lock out moisture and prevent warping.
Trim Rings: This Gen-Tek series cue has silver trim rings.
Wrap: This cue features a black cushioned PU rubber grip.  This ensures a comfortable grip while absorbing excess moisture. 
Butt Cap: The CT711 butt cap is polished stainless steel for good looks and durability.
Bumper: The black rubber bumper protects the bottom of the cue from damage.
Weight: This cue uses a Cuetec's Acueweight system. The weight and cue balance can be adjusted between 18 oz. to 21 oz..
Warranty: Cuetec offers a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
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