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Pool Table Brush A15

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The perfect shot doesn't matter is it is deflected by dirt on the table.

How many league nights have you gone to play your match only to walk in and find the table hasn't been cleaned since the last ice age. There are chunks of something you'd rather not think about on the table.  When you put your hand on the table to make a bridge it comes up all dirty.

Why play in those conditions? Your game can't shine. When the ball hits something on the table and takes a hard turn your perfect position goes to hell.

Take a brush with you and give the table a good cleaning before you play. Maybe the bar owner doesn't care but you should. After all, it's your game not his.

This 10 1/2" brush is 85% horsehair and 15% nylon set in a solid wood handle. The horsehair is soft and is excellent for sweeping while the nylon adds to the wearability.

Buy a Pool Table Brush today.

Material: 85% horsehair and 15% nylon.
Size: 10 1/2"
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