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Super Aramith ARTV Tournament TV Pool Ball Set

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As seen on TV.

The Super Aramith Tournament TV pool ball set is made from the finest Duramithtm phenolic resin to ensure the longest life of any pool ball.  Each set is calibrated and matched for the ultimate in consistency and accuracy.

The TV set has a pink #4 ball and #12 ball, and a brown #7 ball and #15 ball.  This set also comes with the "Measles" cue ball.

Aramith tournament balls meet the professional quality specifications for density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, glossiness, hardness, and weight.

Get the Aramith Tournament TV pool ball set now, and get used to the colors before you get in front of the television cameras.

Size: 2-1/4 inch diameter
Tolerance: 0.002 inches
Material: Duramithtm.  This is a hardened vitrified surface with an untra high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance.
Color and Style: The Tournament TV ball set uses the pink and brown colors that show up better under the TV lights.  These balls have the numbers in the stripe with a dashed black border.
Cue Ball: The Super Aramith TV ball with the large red dots.
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