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Viking Cues

Viking Cues has been an industry leader since its founding in 1965.  As one of the few remaining pool cue manufacturers that can proudly state "Made in America", they have remained true to their roots.

Each Viking pool cue is a well thought out combination of beauty, craftsmanship, quality, and high technology features.   Low deflection shafts, premium layered leather tips, top quality exotic woods, precise inlays, and quick release joints are just some of the features you will find on every cue.

In a game that requires skill, precision, and confidence, Viking Cue offers the quiet confidence of perfection without compromise.

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Featured Products

Cowboy Leather 3Bx5S Instroke Pool Cue Case INSC35

Sale: US$343.20
Save: US$85.80 off
Cowboy Leather 3Bx7S Instroke Pool Cue Case INSC37

Sale: US$375.20
Save: US$93.80 off
Premier 2Bx2S Instroke Pool Cue Case INSPR22

Sale: US$135.20
Save: US$33.80 off
Premier 2Bx3S Instroke Pool Cue Case INSPR23

Sale: US$143.20
Save: US$35.80 off
Premier 2Bx4S Instroke Pool Cue Case INSPR24

Sale: US$159.20
Save: US$39.80 off
Premier 3Bx5S Instroke Pool Cue Case INSPR35

Sale: US$175.20
Save: US$43.80 off
Premier 3Bx7S Instroke Pool Cue Case INSPR37

Sale: US$183.20
Save: US$45.80 off
Saddle Leather 2Bx4S Instroke Pool Cue Case INSSAD24

Sale: US$359.20
Save: US$89.80 off
Saddle Leather 3Bx5S Instroke Pool Cue Case INSSAD35

Sale: US$375.20
Save: US$93.80 off