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Falcon Cues

Falcon Cues was established in 1991, in Mississauga Ontario, Canada.  From this location they had access to some of the best wood resources in the world, as well as being close to the United States.  Falcon cues dedicated themselves to manufacturing some of the world's finest pool cues.

Falcon quickly gained a good reputation and attracted some of the top players to use their cues.

Falcon Cues continues to manufacture professional, high quality pool cues at affordable prices.

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Featured Products

3Bx6S Pro Series Pool Cue Case PS736

Sale: US$224.99
Save: US$25.00 off
Black Kamui Pool Cue Tip - KB

Sale: US$25.52
Save: US$6.38 off
Original Brown Kamui Pool Cue Tip - KT

Sale: US$22.32
Save: US$5.58 off
Dynamite Tiger Layered Pool Cue Tip - DLCT

Sale: US$8.42
Save: US$1.49 off
Emerald Tiger Layered Pool Cue Tip - EMCT

Sale: US$7.65
Save: US$1.35 off
Everest Tiger Layered Pool Cue Tip - ELCT

Sale: US$18.62
Save: US$3.29 off
Sniper Tiger Layered Pool Cue Tip - SLCT

Sale: US$20.83
Save: US$3.68 off
Tiger Layered Jump/Break Pool Cue Tip - TJCT

Sale: US$19.13
Save: US$3.38 off